Support Karbo

Donate to support development, help us pay for hosting, promotions, listings etc.

Karbo was founded in 2016 as zero-premine, honest old-school coin, without ICO and for years at Karbo we sustain open source development, denying various proposals to make things like 'dev tax, organize 'post-premine' to some 'development fund' etc., which we believe will break Karbo's social contract.

Instead we rely on Community help and support. As you may be aware, no one on the Karbo Dev Team is paid for work they do and generally anything that requires a payment comes from Dev Team member’s own funds and community donations.

100% of the donations that we receive will be used only for Karbo related needs, for example:

  • Domain registrations
  • Hosting expenses and infrastructure maintenance (servers for web-wallets, explorers, APIs, seed nodes etc.)
  • Exchanges listing
  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Development assistance

Please help us and donate to the addresses below:

  • KRB:
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If you want to donate in other currency or for specific needs, please contact us.