Mining of Karbo

Solo mining and Pool mining

WARNING! This page is outdated.

There are ASICs available for CryptoNight PoW algorithm therefore there is no economical sense in mining Karbo now until PoW is changed to ASIC-resistant.

New to cryptocurrencies and mining? Just download wallet, open 'Mining' tab and hit 'Start mining'. Profit!

Solo mining

For solo mining you will need Karbowanec command line cient software named karbowanecd. You can download it under CLI wallet section.

You will also need wallet address to where mined coins will be received. You can use GUI wallet, web-wallet, simplewallet (which is bundled with CLI daemon) or even paperwallet.

You can start solo mining in few diferent ways. For example this way: Unpack CLI wallet package, and run karbowanecd with followimg parameters: karbowanecd --start-mining YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --mining-threads 2, where YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS – is you wallet where you will receive mined Karbo, and --mining-threads – CPU cores, which you want to use for mining. Remember that the best results will give the the same number of cores as L3 CPU cache divided by 2. You can also run solo mining from simplewallet, or use standalone miner from the Command-line suit.

Pool mining

You can start pool mining right in the Karbowanec wallet in 'Mining' tab. After a while you'll start receiving your first Karbo. You can check the status of your mining on the pool site by entering your wallet in the field 'Your Stats & Payment History'. The wallet will use CPU for mining.

There is also special mining software for CPU and GPU.

You can use various miners for CryptoNote coins. The list of selected mining software is below.